Everyday we are nearing the launch of a new and exciting app for the dance industry.  Soon independant dance instructors all over the world will easily be able to connect with their students and students will be able to find and hire dance teachers wherever they travel or even in their own neighborhood.  

Technology has taken over and even though we are connecting more with others on a digital level, we are actually connecting less in the real world.  Social dance used to be the primary way in which one scoped out potential mates, and social circles were often established at dance parties.  Zipdance will again make it possible for us to connect on this level.  Using our universal dance language to make new friends and close relations.   It will be a revolution for our social media addicted society.  We will take control of technology and instead of taking over our social world, we will use it to reconnect in the real world.  

Stay Tuned!